Rachael Haupt

Costume Designer.

Rachael Haupt started out in feature film (after studying for a Bachelor Fine Art and Bachelor Theatrical Design) when hired by Neil Scanlan (the animatronics expert behind Star Wars BB8, Oscar winner and industry veteran.) Her first Film as a fresh faced junior technician was Babe 2 at Fox studios.

Quickly moving up through the industry Rachael has an impressive cv with films such as Gladiator, Harry Potter 2, Harry Potter 3, Harry Potter 4, The Medallion (Jackie Chan), Tomb Raider 2, Troy, Irobot, King Kong, as well as many many design credits in the publishing, games and creative industries.

After working in London at MPC for many years Rachael relocated to New Zealand for the chance to work at the top VFX company – Weta Digital. Working alongside many highly accomplished VFX artists.

As a designer Rachael is also able to bing a huge amount of technical knowledge to a job.

Traditional techniques such as draping, garment construction, fabric manufacturing and design aesthetics ALONGSIDE an extremely strong digital design background, mastering many programs and tools – both traditional and digital.

After over 20 years in the film industry across many departments from SFX, Animatronics, on set, Digital VFX, Mattepainting, Colourising, Creature Design and Art Dept Design, Rachael is able to deliver high quality and on point design within the demands of production pipelines and scheduling.

A designer able to span theatre, film and publishing as well as VR and AR.

A boon to any production, an experienced and mature team player – Rachael is a truly capable and friendly asset to any project.